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Digium Introduces First Complete Online Training Course for Asterisk.

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Asterisk_OSR_ Asterisk Essentials teaches systems administrators and application developers everything they need to know to run the most widely used open source communications software

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 30, 2011-Digium®, Inc., the Asterisk® Company, today introduced Asterisk Essentials, an online training curriculum for Asterisk users. This virtual training class includes more than six hours of interactive content focusing on the fundamentals required to install and configure a basic Asterisk system. Step-by-step technical examples, best-practice recommendations and Asterisk tips help application developers and systems administrators gain expertise to build communications systems for their companies or customers.


Asterisk Dev Team Releases Binary Packages.

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asterisk_171 [post by ssokol on Digium blog] Compile no more my friends, for binary packages are here!  Yesterday (March 28, 2011) the Asterisk development team opened the doors on a new package repository for users of Debian and Ubuntu, two of the most popular Linux distributions.  Those repos complement the existing RedHat Enterprise Linux / CentOS Linux repositories that Digium has maintained for the past several years.  As of now you can quickly and easily install and maintain Asterisk using apt (Ubuntu/Debian) or yum (RHEL/CentOS) package management utilities.


Asterisk Tech Tips – Calling with Google.

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CallingWithGoogle [posted by ssokol on Digium blogs] A new webinar series that gets down and dirty with Asterisk.  Each Tech Tips episode starts out with an in-depth tutorial covering one of the many awesome features of Asterisk.  After the tutorial we open up the floor for general Q&A.  You’re welcome to ask about the topic of the week or any other Asterisk-related questions you might have.  We’ll have a number of Asterisk experts available to answer questions. This week we’ve “Calling with Google” tutorial.


Is your Asterisk system under heavy attack.

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asterisk_security [post by JPRANGI on] This week one of our customer was attacked by more than 10000 Unique IPs. These hackers try to register on your system using some random username and easy to crack password. Few week back I wrote few tips on securing your asterisk servers.

Even if you took all the steps to secure your asterisk, still you dont want these attackers to flood your system with dummy registration requests. Use iptables and easy to implement shell script to block these attackers. You can easily block flooding traffic to your system. Iptables, can be used to filter IP traffic, provides high level packet filtering. Use the shell script below and setup a cron and have a good night sleep. The script will automatically block the IPs flooding your Asterisk system with failed registration requests.


Powerful .NET component and controls for Asterisk.

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HelloAMIgoWorld TELE DATA Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the AMIgo suite of components and controls for Microsoft .NET.

AMIgo offers a high level access to the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) and several users controls which give a visual status of the PBX elements and allows to interact with the extensions, channels, calls, queues, agents and conferences and to create, edit and manage them.

The AMIgo suite can be used to integrate telephony functions for Asterisk in your .NET application, (written in any of the .NET supported languages: C#, Visual Basic, C++ ...) or to build a full featured Asterisk control panel or to build specialised applications that make use of the AMI.


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