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AstLinux 1.0.3-Asterisk- Released.

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The AstLinux Team is happy to announce the release of AstLinux 1.0.3. All current users are encouraged to upgrade to this release to address several possible security issues. Please read the change log carefully for a complete list of updates.

Rhino Users: Please read this carefully! Do not upgrade to a default 1.0.3 image. Rhino Equipment does not have a current driver that supports DAHDI 2.6 (which is the default in AstLinux 1.0.3). Custom builds on your own system or on can enable Rhino hardware support with DAHDI 2.5.x. When Rhino releases an updated driver, the cards will be supported in the default build.



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conference-call-600 HUNTSVILLE, Ala.—March 7, 2012—Digium® Inc., the Asterisk® company, today announced Switchvox, Digium’s business phone system with Unified Communications (UC) capabilities, interoperates with the LifeSize® Express 220™ HD video conferencing offering from LifeSize, a division of Logitech. Switchvox customers, including small work groups, teams or individual workers, can now use the LifeSize Express 220 system to communicate via video. The LifeSize solution’s support for dual HD displays, full HD camera and phone or microphone options means Switchvox users can have natural, realistic interactions by seeing facial expressions, body language and gestures while sharing data, all at the lowest possible bandwidth.


Sangoma Acquires All Key Assets of VegaStream.

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MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 22, 2011) -
Sangoma Technologies Corporation (TSX VENTURE:STC), a leading provider of hardware and software components that enable or enhance IP Communications Systems for both voice and data, announced it has acquired the key assets of the VegaStream Group of Companies, a leading UK-based developer of VOIP gateway appliances.

The business operations of VegaStream will be quickly integrated into Sangoma's, with VegaStream staff being welcomed as part of the respective Sangoma teams, the majority being in R&D and Sales and Marketing. The VegaStream products will become part of the Sangoma portfolio with customers rapidly benefiting from Sangoma's reputation for efficient supply chain management and quick turnaround of customer orders.


DAHDI-Linux and DAHDI-Tools Released.

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asterisk_test The Asterisk Development Team is pleased to announce the release of DAHDI-Linux and DAHDI-Tools is a bug fix release. It is recommended that current users of v2.5.0 upgrade.

DAHDI-Linux, DAHDI-Tools, and DAHDI-Linux-Complete are available for immediate download at:

Issues closed by this release:
DAHLIN-245: dahdi_dynamic slip issue with 2 or more TDMoE devices
DAHLIN-248: Outgoing Natively Bridged Call Completely Locks the Box


All Video Channels/Protocols for an advanced IVVR.

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vxi-ivvr [posted on] We are going to talk more about video capabilities of an IVVR based on VXI* and how important it is to get a platform interoperable with a large number of video channels and protocols. Today, video applications are becoming more and more significant for social medias and advanced communications services. It’s not only a new Technology Trend, video is a killer feature to build amazing services for businesses.

Today, there’s 6 major key factors to consider:

1.Users are demanding more multimedia interactions and realtime video
2.All new smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops,… are video-ready with front cams
3.Social medias are changing people’s and consumer behavior and expectations
4.Videocalls add new ways to sell, negotiate, support, promote, advice, hire…
5.IP Networks are ready for a Video Services Revolution within communications
6.Big Internet players like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft are adding new video services


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