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AstChannelsLive 3.0.2 is released!

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AstChannelsLive 3.0.2 have new features like Queue(Calls,Completed,abandone,Queued,AVG Holdtime),Agent(count,ready,talking),more Peer details, details can be selected,and you can choose which info must be show also.besides SIP and IAX2 it shows the DAHDI channels also, and save settings.


Asterisk CTI can be integrated into vtigerCRM.

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The new Asterisk CTI can dial telephone numbers from leads, contacts etc from vtigerCRM. In addition, incoming phone calls can be directly added into vtigerCRM, thus you can keep a complete history of all incoming and outgoing calls. The vtiger-asterisk integration allows users to initiate calls out of vtiger and to receive notifications on incoming calls using the Asterisk Call Manager API.


Newfies-Dialer, Open Source Auto-Dialer Software.

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[post on by Areski] The Star2Billing Team released have released Newfies-Dialer, free and open source software solution for multi-tenant voice broadcast and auto-dialer applications used for emergency broadcasting (reverse 911), telemarketing and a range other applications.


Radio/Asterisk project - Version 1.1 RC2 released.

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[post on] Thanks to the amazing work of Terry Gillett, Keith Williamson, and Elektra, I am happy to announce version 1.1 (RC2) of the SECN firmware. SECN is the firmware developed by Terry Gillett which features the use of batman-adv instead of batman mesh protocol as well as easy configuration of a WiFi hotspot for the Mesh Potato. From an interesting alternative, the SECN firmware has gone on to become the default firmware for the Mesh Potato. Here is a list of features that you can find in the 1.1 firmware. So what’s new in the 1.1 version?


AstLinux 1.0.3-Asterisk- Released.

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The AstLinux Team is happy to announce the release of AstLinux 1.0.3. All current users are encouraged to upgrade to this release to address several possible security issues. Please read the change log carefully for a complete list of updates.

Rhino Users: Please read this carefully! Do not upgrade to a default 1.0.3 image. Rhino Equipment does not have a current driver that supports DAHDI 2.6 (which is the default in AstLinux 1.0.3). Custom builds on your own system or on can enable Rhino hardware support with DAHDI 2.5.x. When Rhino releases an updated driver, the cards will be supported in the default build.


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