Simple and fast viewer for asterisk CDRs / recordings

Asterisk-cdr-viewer: a simple and fast viewer for asterisk CDRs / recordings with the following Features:

Galera Cluster: HA - MySQL backend for Asterisk.


Galera is a highly available Cluster based on MySQL for applications needing reliable database back-end's like Asterisk.

OutCALL: Real time call notifications.

OutCALL is an application designed for integration with Microsoft Outlook while placing and receiving phone calls. The application includes: Outlook contacts integration, incoming calls pop-up window notification, click to dial from email/contact.

xtelsio TAPI Driver for Asterisk.


xtelsio TAPI Driver for Asterisk™ supports dialing and hanging up and informs your TAPI application about incoming and outgoing calls including the caller and called ID, and this for multiple lines of one or several Asterisk systems. You can initiate calls directly from within Microsoft Outlook®, ACT® or any other TAPI application. For snom phones, you can activate a direct control mode - this allows to initiate calls in hands-free mode and to accept incoming calls.

AstChannelsLive 3.0.2 is released!


AstChannelsLive 3.0.2 have new features like Queue (Calls, Completed, abandone, Queued, AVG Holdtime), Agent (count, ready, talking), more Peer details, details can be selected,and you can choose which info must be show also.besides SIP and IAX2 it shows the DAHDI channels also, and save settings.

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