Elastix - Web Conference module now with video.

wcveng This week Elastix launching support for real time video in the “Web Conference” add-on, available for Elastix 2.0. This module has the ability to handle presentations, file sharing, conference calls, chat communication and video. All these features come integrated with each other and can be accessed through an easy-to-use interface.

This development, being launched now as a Beta, is part of a plan to boost the "Web Conference” add-on. We are working to include support for desktop sharing during the final quarter of this year.

The idea is to empower conferences by taking them to a new and much richer level of functionality making the user experience as close as possible to traditional, "real-life", conferences. By reaching this goal, companies using Elastix can cut costs related to setting up face to face meetings as well as avoid the payment of commercial virtual conferences services. This add-on is being launched free, under the GPL license.

To use the video feature, the user only needs to connect a webcam and microphone to his computer. In addition it is possible to connect, at the same time, with all the same conference attendants through a voice conference using a telephone or softphone, the dynamic conference room is automatically created.

This development is available in the Beta repository and a user manual is available here.

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