Asterisk 1.8: Using the new calendar functions.

googlecalendar [posted on] Another innovation of Asterisk 1.8 that I think more can get to use is the property of their integration timetables, because without doubt, one of the most common support tasks, it is Habitability changing care schedules the switchboard, which usually requires an intervention in the dialplan. With this functionality, you can create an external interface, comfortable and visually appealing, from which to carry out this operation, using the tools habitability of an agenda.
Thus, any user could do many things easily, for example, that the time outside the office, is controlled from an external calendar (for example, in one calendar in your corporate email in lotus domino, exchange or gmail ), which depending on your schedule you will find a number or another,

however, some special action when you're on vacation or meeting (not pass you call or go to your backup), you can set different operating hours, or even to find a technician or another depending on
the specific schedule or guards.

The flexibility and range of options is reached, it is as you see, very big, especially when most of us take her to the agenda and synchronized with the mobile, so coseguir change a detour or another, can be as easy as updating, on the phone, the phonebook entry. Even using twittercal , we could from a simple twitter client update our google calendar, and act on our switchboard.

From the Blog irontec, we saw an imaginative paper , several months ago, in which, through an AGI done in Ruby, might be similar features in previous versions of Asterisk, but in 1.8, this functionality is already native and much easier to integrate.
Through calendar.conf file, we can define the schedule to check on the internet (we can define all the calendars you want) and binding it in the dialplan. An example of this file:

type = ical url =
user = andres.gorostidi @
secret = miclavegmailsupersecreta
refresh = 15
timeframe = 600
AutoReminder = 10
channel = SIP / andres
context = notificacion_calendario
extension = s
waittime = 30


0 #2 Guest 2011-04-19 05:36
Ithe Calendar_write usage should be as follows

exten => h, n, Set (CALENDAR_WRITE (calendar_andre s, summary, start,
end) = Incoming call the number $ {CALLERID(all)} ,${horainicio}, $ {horafinal})

Now the write works, How check the write happended
0 #1 Guest 2011-02-20 20:05
Great info to know, other than it seems that no one has a definitive guide/howto on how to enable this to work. Do you have any suggestions with Asterisk 1.8 and CentOS 5.5?

The following links did NOT help:

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